Straight to the bottom of the glass honey
As quick as water falls
Sure you’re drinking for the taste
Or has it got you by the balls

Drinking makes the man if he keeps his wherewithal
All the women that have swam with him would have never known at all
Ah you would be so proud of him he’s shaking as he falls
Drinking makes the man as he crawls, watch him crawls up the water fall

I love that one they do here
It’s as fine as any I’ve had.
Remind me now is it two or three
To really send you mad

Sure I love you baby would you like another drink
There’s a place I know
Where we can go where we can drink till we can’t think

Misty eyed heroes, all the legends of the glass.
Where’s all the pissing and shit well
They never taught you that

All the tiny cuts and bruises
The stains that just unfold
The charm that lasts as long as a glass
I’ve got it all so I’ve been told


Time goes on and it may take you by surprise
Like the first kiss, from the girl you thought disliked you and

All you know is wrong and that gets proven every day
Every where you turn there’s always a better way

Harsh words hurt less than words unsaid
When your temperature burns the salve is in your head that’s with you

Everywhere you go, and that’s all you need to know
make it your best friend or it will get you in the end

Wouldn’t it be great if there was always a warning
Something simple like Red Sky in the morning

This part fits with that it’s logical and fact
But the parts that have no place you will all ways have to face

Staring right back at you and in everything you do, how to make the puzzle fit
Well that’s all there’s left to do


There in the brown stones so unlike his flint walls at home
Sugars eyes found him she made up her mind to get him alone
She’d seen nothing like him on the corner of 12th street and York
A rare opportunity to make a moment so much more

She made sure that he never saw the gun that she held in her hand
She asked who he was and then she opened up their worlds

I feel like I’ve been here before I can’t have I must have seen it on TV
Think I’m getting closer but who’s that girl looking at me
She’s coming over maybe she knows where I wanna be
A rare opportunity to make a moment so much more

She made sure that he never saw the gun that she held in her hand
She asked who he was and then she opened up their worlds

a million rays pass through our skin every night and they are particles of us
Ten billion stars light the way every night but they will never show us

A flash and its over the moments passed only to begin again
West Philadelphia two people on a corner in spring
A rare opportunity to make a moment so much more
A rare opportunity to make a moment so much more

Sugar and I we found what we were looking for some adventure behind a hidden door
A moment passed to open up our world, to open up our world
to open up our world, to open up our world


In a black and white photo
Just starring out
As neat as a haircut
Looking so proud
I hear them talking
Saying people are beginning to ask
What was it all for and did it last
We’re caught in the past
We’re caught in the past

I caught a bullet for you
I didn’t know how much more I can do

20th century sensation
An epic to last
So far from the comfort
Of fireside and lass
Machine guns are talking
Saying you’re going to make some history lads
Your sacrifice will be carved to last
We’re caught in the past

Life is just fortune
shrouded by gas
Passion we fight for
Or is it mud at the last
Carved on the sandstone
If you would just
care to look
When you pass and take a piss
Your off the hook because nobody’s
Going to hang you for


Christian to Pam he said
Why do we always get off our heads
Think of all the money we’d save
Instead of drinking our lives away

Pam reminded Christian
This is what they’ve always done
She wouldn’t recognise his face
Sure it’s the only reason she stays

One step forward two steps back
That’s the way the drunkards tack
Fingers pressed hard on lips
Forgetting that their are no kids

There’s love in their hearts
As they fall up the stairs
It’s not as if anyone cares
It’s always been Like this for thirty years
Drowning in laughter and tears.

Christian to Pam he said
Let’s just get off our head
Won’t think of all the money we spend
We’d only waste on the rent

Laugh till your blue in the face.
How is that a waste
Of every precious slipping by
Here’s mud in your Eye

So For the second time in a month
There’s an ambulance for Christian
Left all covered in blood
The way that Pam knew he would

Pam reminded Christian
That has always been the plan
Their only way to win the race
Life at a stumbling pace


Murder is losers game
When there’s reasons why
Take away the motive
Then you have a crime

Boredom is to any man
A real time to die
Idle hands make idle work
When you are……..

Killing time walking the streets where nobody knows you
half a mile
You can feel the wings of a travelling show
You could be the one nobody knows

You have to choose your victim well
Recognise the face
Just a simple question what brought you to this place

Watch him pour the glasses down it’s time to make your move
Back into the flow before anybody knows
You’ve been…….

And there will never any evidence
No DNA or clues
Just an empty vessel
That you alone have used for


This bitter Winter Will take us both away
But you my Daughter You alone can save us
From a cold grave

The nights are drawing in And our cupboard bare
You my daughter Must away up there
In to service If you dare

Father dear, make me work away up there
By your daughter
Seen the way they treat her, made up there
Seen the way they treat her, made up there

Ignore the talk now hear your Father speak
You my daughter you must not weep
For we both must eat
There’s always feasting On the house on the hill
But you my daughter You can bring our fill
From the house on the hill

Winter turned to Spring Spring to Summer rain
The Fathers daughter Service on the hill
She’s working for their fill
The Fathers belly oh now is full So’s the daughters
All she does not need Yet another mouth to feed


There is no air
Still defines the day
There’s no life left
When all the colors bleed away

Nobody even acts like they know that you’ve gone away,
you’ve gone away

faces of ash
Speak then melt to grey
I was stupid I forgot
When I woke up today
You were like a beacon that shines night and day
oh night and day x 2

You were my light house look out for the rocks
There below

how can we pretend
time will pass us by
All summers near their end
Now your echo can’t reply

I have nobody to help me take the night out of the day
out of the day x 2


Your here for all the days that you will ever have
Behind all the thought process
With eyes like shattered glass

You’ve stuck out your tongue
In so many rooms past midnight
Was that your choice
Or did you just fail to get it right

Medicine x 3

How long have you got left
People live strange lives
Coasting toward oblivion
Or searching for improvements

Kiss and tell your flexible
Hands betray you
All the rain that’s fell
Soaked through
The life love gave you

Medicine x 3

Burning like a field in autumn
Flying towards the floor
It’s just yourself your cheating
There’s always the door

My best friend she speaks sense
Of all that’s gone before
Tied up in simple gestures
Hand holding and important words

She’s my medicine x 2


The day is done he closes his eyes to the hours
And in the dark before the dawn he wakes with his thoughts

There are babies there looking for the light
There are are troubles there that won’t work out right

Looking for a summer that’s gone
Looking for a summer that’s gone

And there’s the sound of the world turning around
The rumble of the times and all he hasn’t found

There are faces there that only come out at night
There are places there looking for a fight

And as the dawn comes from night taking form
What’s past is past and that’s alright that’s the morn

And as the longing slides as the new day breaks
Another night has passed since he was made


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